We are currently in the pre-launch phase of our business, getting everything ready! 
"Stay tuned on this channel" for new developments!



At Papillon Custom Design Studio, we emphasize CUSTOM.  

We believe that Art is a basic human expression of individuality and passion, and therefore the art in our lives that we create - or that we choose to wear or display -  should be as unique as we are.  Everything we offer can be modified and customized to your preferences either inherently in its design (for example, our "Wear It Your Way"™ jewelry) or by special order. We will do our best to match your vision!

Therefore, you will find two kinds of photos on our website:  

Portfolio pictures represent items of work we have already done that are no longer available for purchase, As with any artist's portfolio, these give you an idea of our artistic styles and what we can accomplish.  Portfolio items are provided for ideas, and can be reproduced by special order, subject to the availability of materials of course (some are one of a kind and can't be duplicated),, or we can create something similar.

Inventory pictures represent items of work which are available for purchase.  Any inventory pictures can also provide creative ideas for special custom orders.  Prices of course would then be subject to the materials used for the custom project.

Our work is always evolving.  We are exploring new methods and materials every week.  We look forward to partnering with you in creating something new!

At Papillon Custom Design Studio, we emphasize AFFORDABLE. 

We believe everyone should be able to enrich their lives through art, so we choose materials that will make the pieces affordable, but take care in the workmanship to still make them durable. In our pricing we try to reflect the cost of our time and expertise, but we want our art to be accessible.  While it would be great if our art ends up in a museum, we want it to end up in your home first!

At Papillon Custom Design Studio, we emphasize INSPIRATIONAL. 

We believe art should always move us, inspire us, enrich us.  In addition to letting the art inherently accomplish this,  one of our specialities is also incorporating spiritual themes, particularly from our Jewish heritage and from Scripture.  Our pieces can of course always be modified to include this specific focus, or to remove this specific  focus according to your taste. 

We also emphasize FUN, FUNCTIONAL and Earth FRIENDLY! 

Art should be fun!  At times, it's also helpful if it is practical and flexible. And we also specialize in repurposing and recycling found objects in some of our work, so we can be earth friendly and reduce our impact on the environment (hence one person's trash, is another's person's work of art!).