Custom Orders

Any of our portfolio pictures or ready-to-sell items can be duplicated and/or  modified depending on the availability of materials. For one-of-a-kind items that are "gone for good" we can approximate the style and create your own one-of-a-kind piece.

Based on the ideas on this website, please e-mail me with your requests and preferences, and I will send you a photo approximation of what I can do for you.  For example, send me a photo of an outfit you want to coordinate with, for example (make sure the colors in the photo are "true").

Keep in mind the following options, for example:

The "Build-a-Bracelet" Workshop!

General Style:   __ Modifiable   __  Fixed form
Number of strands:  __ One __ Two __ Three
Bead Style:    __  Classic   __ Pandora/Euro/Big-Bead/ DIY style
Bead Materials:     
__ Natural Stone:  __ irregular shapes __ round, formed shapes
                      __ Metal tone:  __ Antiqued Silver __  Bright Silver
                                               __ Antiqued Gold   __  Bright Gold
                                               __ Antiqued Copper  __  Bright Copper
                                               __ Gunmetal/grey    __ Bronze
                                               __ Black  __  Other:  __________
                      __ Pearl tone:  __  irregular shape  __ round shape
                      __ Glass:  __  clear/crystal __ opaque/solid  __  Murano-style  __ painted
                      __ Ceramic
                      __  Plastic/Resin
Stringing Materials:
                      __  Nylon coated wire
                      __  Stretchy Nylon cord
                      __  Cording:  __ silk/cotton  __ organza ribbon __ satin ribbon   __ leather
                      __  Metal bangle
Charms:        __  type or theme:  __________________________
                     __  removable  or __ fixed
                     __  Pandora-style/Euro-style/ Big-hole style
Clasps:         __  Lobster  __  Toggle